About 50 million people in US have insufficient medical cover. Expenses towards prescription medication are much higher in US than most countries in the world and could be unaffordable in spite of medical coverage. At present, millions of Americans tend to purchase prescription drugs online from pharmacists based in Canada, especially elderly US citizens.

Drug costs in the US could be reduced by importing cheaper medicines or by direct controls. Companies are required to maximize profits to facilitate availability of adequate funds for research and development. It would cause losses in billions of dollars to pharmaceutical industry and thus curb the ability of companies to invest in pharmaceutical research, if imports are allowed.

However, patients purchasing drugs from Canada may not get the same brands as what they get in US. Some patients find a generic drug that is accepted for use only in Canada. In such cases, it is necessary and preferable as well to buy FDA approved generic drugs in US. Canada is a small country and cannot supply all the prescription requirements of Americans. There have been shortages created in their own country owing to a bustling illegal cross-border drug business. It is expected that companies in Canada will limit their supplies in the near future.

Receiving Canadian pharmacy drugs in bulk is against US policy. The government generally does not prosecute people who may purchase cheaper drugs for personal consumption in small lots.

The probability of drug prices in US matching those across the border is very low and it does appear that Canadian pharmacy drugs may continue to be popular in this country. Canadian pharmacy drugs are not FDA approved but have standards similar to FDA. It is better to deal with health care providers who know about pharmacies in Canada.

Though Canadian pharmacy drugs are cheap, it is advisable to do some research before ordering from online pharmacies. Factors such as cost of drugs, cost of delivery, quality of drug, service and dependability of such online pharmacist need to be examined before placing an order.

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