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3-CMC is a research chemical known as Chloredrone or Chlorinedrone, it’s a derivative of 3-MMC. You can buy 3-CMC online from Our Chemicals store at the best price on the market. We sell Chemicals 3-CMC, a research chemical from the substituted cathinone family, with stimulant effects, 3-CMC for sale on the best research chemical from us. Our Chemicals sale 3-CMC in big crystal form with purity above 98.5%. Buy 3-CMC Online

We Supply in the following Quantities;

  • 3-CMC 50g at $320
  • 3-CMC 100g at $460
  • 3-CMC 200g at $890
  • 3-CMC 500g at $1700
  • 3-CMC 1kg at $2800

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3-CMC 100g at $460, 3-CMC 1kg at $2800, 3-CMC 200g at $890, 3-CMC 500g at $1700, 3-CMC 50g at $320


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