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We have top quality 3,4-DMMC to very reasonable prices. We can provide 3,4-DMMC internationally and also we have really fast shipping. The 3,4-DMMC are in crystal form and hold very high purity, 98.8% we have measured it to. We have a source where we buy all our chemicals from. We have used them over 2 years. We get very good prices and so therefore we can give you very low and beneficial prices as well. We sell 3,4-DMMC and we are stationed in sweden. We have very satisfied costumers and we have been operational for about 3 years now. All our products are laboratory tested and analysed for highest possible purity and product quality. We specialize in research chemicals and we have a wide variety of substances that we sell. If you have any questions or if you want to place an order, please contact us so we can start cooperating.

We Supply in the following Quantities;

  • 3,4-DMMC 50g at $650
  • 3,4-DMMC 100g at $1000
  • 3,4-DMMC 200g at $1500
  • 3,4-DMMC 500g at $2400
  • 3,4-DMMC 1kg at $3800


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3,4-DMMC 100g at $1000, 3,4-DMMC 1kg at $3800, 3,4-DMMC 200g at $1500, 3,4-DMMC 500g at $2400, 3,4-DMMC 50g at $650


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