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4-CPRC, also commonly known as 4′-chloro-╬▒-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone, is a stimulant drug similar in structure to the appetite suppressant diethylpropion. Very little is known about this chemical substance other than that it has been detected as a common ingredient in the drug known as ecstasy. The physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are widely unknown, however it is similar in type to other drugs that fall into the cathinone classification, which means it features a phenethylamine core with an alkyl group attached to the alpha carbon, as well as a ketone group attached to the beta carbon. These are naturally occurring substances in the plant that, the leaves of which are commonly found in areas of Africa and are often chewed as a recreational drug. BUY 4-CPrC ONLINE

This type of drug typically provides a euphoric sort of feeling in the user, both cognitively and physically. Many users have reported experiencing a calming sensation from the use of this chemical substance in certain doses. They have found that it aids in heightening concentration on required daily tasks. However, they have also cited that the soft and flaky brownish texture of the substance is a little odd and unpleasant in comparison to other substances they have used.

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4-CpRC 100g at $490, 4-CpRC 1kg at $1900, 4-CpRC 200g at $800, 4-CpRC 500g at $1000, 4-CpRC 50g at $350


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