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What is 4-FA ?

4-FA powder is also known as para- fluoroamphetatmine or 4-Fluoroamphetamine. This medicine is known to be very useful among the researchers. It is known to bring stimulating and entactogenic reactions that are at par with MDMA in a complete manner. This medicine is one type of phenethylamine and it is also known to be amphetamine substituted as well.

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  • 4-FA 50g at $360
  • 4-FA 100g at $580
  • 4-FA 200g at $1000
  • 4-FA 500g at 1900
  • 4-FA 1kg at $3200

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4-FA 100g at $580, 4-FA 1kg at $3200, 4-FA 200g at $1000, 4-FA 500g at 1900, 4-FA 50g at $360


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