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Etizolam has several brand names to its credit such as Depas, Etilaam, Etizola, Etizest or Pasaden and it is one type of benzodiazepine analog. A molecule of Etizolam is different in comparison with a benzodiazepine and here the benzene ring is not present. Instead there is a thiophene ring. Therefore, this medicine is thienodiazepine. Some of the basic properties of the medicine are: hypnotic, amnesic, sedative, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and skeletal muscle relaxant.

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  • Etizolam 10g at $520
  • Etizolam 50g at $1900
  • Etizolam 100g at $3000
  • Etizolam 200g at $4200
  • Etizolam 500g at $6500
  • Etizolam 1kg at $13000

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Etizolam 100g at $3000, Etizolam 10g at $520, Etizolam 1kg at $13000, Etizolam 200g at $4200, Etizolam 500g at $6500, Etizolam 50g at $1900


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